Developing More Skills

Well, it’s official – I will be the new Teacher-Librarian two days a week at my school in September!  I will also work a half-day each week as the T-L at Eagle Harbour, a K-5 Montessori school.  Having been an elementary classroom teacher for the last 23 years, this will mark a significant change in what I will focus on for my own professional learning.  This change in role has sharpened my focus on what I can do to further develop my ICT skills and pedagogy next year.

1. Learn the Destiny Library Manager software – This action will be my priority this summer.  Since I now have login access to the platform, I will investigate the instructional videos on how to find circulation statistics and how to do an inventory of the collection.  I will use the steps outlined by Follett (2018) to categorize and organize the collection.

2. Connect with other T-Ls – I have been attending the monthly school district T-L meetings since February and will continue to stay connected with my colleagues via email, Twitter, and Google Docs.  Currently, the T-Ls are working on a shared Google Doc listing online and print resources related to the Big Ideas in Social Studies Curriculum from K to 7.  Also, I will continue to follow the numerous individuals and organizations on Twitter that continue to influence my learning over the past three years.


Image from @andreaasmith45

3. Document the changes to the Library Learning Commons space – I have spoken to administration, the former and new PAC chairs, the Library Assistant, and teacher colleagues about my ideas for the LC space in September.  I plan to update the space and organize the collection by genre.  In order to keep track of the transformation, I will post photos and videos of the changes on this Blog.

4. Attend the BCTLA Conference “Challenge Accepted” on October 19, 2018 – This will be my first conference in the role of T-L and I’m so excited to attend!  I really enjoy professional development and I am keen to learn more.  I joined the BCTLA PSA last year so I hope to make better use of this resource in my learning.


Image from @bctla

Follett Corporation. (2018). Genre Services and Best Practices. Retrieved from



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