Assignment Reflection

Traditional vs. LC

Courtesy of sjl11687

The process of creating my Vision of the Future was challenging at best!  I struggled for days to find an area that would expand my learning and connect with the concepts learned throughout the course.  However, I am proud of the end result and am excited about sharing my presentation with others at my school.

As I step into a new role as Teacher Librarian in the fall, I am keenly aware of the obstacles that lay before me.  I have inherited a collection of over 18,000 books which are in desperate need of weeding.  Over 800 books have not been checked out in 10 years!  Also, as described in my final project, the physical space needs to be improved and an online presence for the Learning Commons needs to be created.  I have no experience in either of these endeavours, but I am very motivated and enthusiastic to begin this new journey.

Creating the Google Slides document was both exciting and frustrating.  I initially used Google Docs to write the paragraphs and then found myself skipping back and forth to insert images and put slides in a logical order.  I have enjoyed using Prezi in the past and should have probably used it for this assignment due to its less rigid organization.

I have been very fortunate to work for the last 23 years in such an innovative district that has allowed me to explore new ways of teaching, collaborating with my colleagues, and fostering an inquiry mindset with my students.  Now, as a new T-L, I look forward to further my learning and “figuring it out” as I go along!  This course has pushed me to consider new possibilities and I am grateful for the opportunity.

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