Supporting my Colleagues

At my school, teachers are expected to have expertise in technology as each student regularly uses either their own laptops (required in Grades 4-7) or ipads (used by students in K-3).  Therefore, the Teacher-Librarian is not viewed as the only expert in the building.  Sharing strategies, resources, and technology is built into our culture.

Once a month, our administrators and teaching staff, including ELL and LST teachers, meet for Collaboration Time 2:00 – 3:00 pm before our regular staff meeting (3:00 – 4:30 pm).  During this time, we share new practices, websites, apps, or other technology resources.  Next year, I will use this time to share district-wide database collections and school-based collections and how to locate them on our internal staff website.  My goal is to use Destiny Collections to create “pathfinders” for teachers and students to access from the main Destiny Homepage.  These collections will be public to all West Vancouver users and will focus on resources used in Inquiry Units focused on the Big Ideas in BC’s New Curriculum.

Destiny Collections

Image retrieved from West Vancouver School Libraries Destiny Collections

In order to ensure these resources are suitable and relevant, I will consult with grade group teachers during their Team Collaboration Time.  I will request access to their shared Inquiry Units on Google Docs, so that I can support them in finding resources that meet the needs of their students.

Another way I can support my colleagues is to showcase professional and student resources in the staff room.  When we purchased a large quantity of Indigenous Education books in April, we put them in the staff room before they went into regular circulation in the Library.  Teachers browsed through the books and found titles that gave them ideas for lessons and their Inquiry Units.

Finally, I will continue to use district email and Twitter to connect with my colleagues on new books and professional resources that they may be interested in.  As the school’s Professional Development Rep. and new Teacher-Librarian, I will share teaching strategies, resources, and technologies with my colleagues to support their teaching of students in our school.

Twitter share

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Developing More Skills

Well, it’s official – I will be the new Teacher-Librarian two days a week at my school in September!  I will also work a half-day each week as the T-L at Eagle Harbour, a K-5 Montessori school.  Having been an elementary classroom teacher for the last 23 years, this will mark a significant change in what I will focus on for my own professional learning.  This change in role has sharpened my focus on what I can do to further develop my ICT skills and pedagogy next year.

1. Learn the Destiny Library Manager software – This action will be my priority this summer.  Since I now have login access to the platform, I will investigate the instructional videos on how to find circulation statistics and how to do an inventory of the collection.  I will use the steps outlined by Follett (2018) to categorize and organize the collection.

2. Connect with other T-Ls – I have been attending the monthly school district T-L meetings since February and will continue to stay connected with my colleagues via email, Twitter, and Google Docs.  Currently, the T-Ls are working on a shared Google Doc listing online and print resources related to the Big Ideas in Social Studies Curriculum from K to 7.  Also, I will continue to follow the numerous individuals and organizations on Twitter that continue to influence my learning over the past three years.


Image from @andreaasmith45

3. Document the changes to the Library Learning Commons space – I have spoken to administration, the former and new PAC chairs, the Library Assistant, and teacher colleagues about my ideas for the LC space in September.  I plan to update the space and organize the collection by genre.  In order to keep track of the transformation, I will post photos and videos of the changes on this Blog.

4. Attend the BCTLA Conference “Challenge Accepted” on October 19, 2018 – This will be my first conference in the role of T-L and I’m so excited to attend!  I really enjoy professional development and I am keen to learn more.  I joined the BCTLA PSA last year so I hope to make better use of this resource in my learning.


Image from @bctla

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